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Pizza Is At The Heart Of The Boardwalk

Just the mention of the word, pizza, enlightens anyone’s face. Regardless of the variety or style, be it Chicago style pizza topped with cheese, pepperoni, or sausage, be it a thick or thin pizza topped with veggies, pizza is among the favorite foods in the world. Everyone eats this dish every day, but very few know about the exciting details of pizza. There is more than just the taste; pizza has a fascinating history.

Fascinating facts about Pizza

Even though the modern pizza is said to have originated from the 19th century Italy, pizza has its roots in the ancient Greek, Roman and Persian empires. History from this duration highlights different types of round and flatbread topped with varying toppings. However, although the European civilization continued taking these meals, the Italian cooks showed the most interest in pizza. From the ancient times to the middle ages, they produced different pizza products. After it arrived in the United States, the Americans loved it, but its popularity boomed after World War II after hungry soldiers came from the Europeans fronts. Soldiers loved the pizza more and influenced the American population to fully embrace the Italian delicacy. Within no time, pizza restaurants were established, and pizza began spreading to the rest of the world.

National Pizza Day

To show their love for pizza, Americans declared October the National Pizza month in the United States in 1987. 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second and every minute, 21,000 slices are eaten in the United States. Worldwide, around 5 billion pizzas are consumed every year, and 3 billion of these are consumed in the United States. Currently, pizza is among the favorite enchantments of hungry customers around the globe, and new toppings come up daily. Different cultural foods and local cuisines influence the new pizza toppings.

Pizza Anytime

Unlike other foods, pizza can be consumed at any time, and it will still taste perfect. People can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or even at four o’clock in the morning and will still be perfect. Nonetheless, when mixed with some fun, pizza tastes better and Super Bowl Sunday is among the pizzerias’ best days. Pizza is a staple for sports events, and Super Bowl is no exception since Pizza Hut alone sells approximately 2,500,000 pizzas on such a day. Including pizza in the Super Bowl multiplies the pleasure since it is a social food. Pizza brings people together, and there is nothing better than buying some pizzas with some friends while watching Super Bowl. Even though the Italians introduced it to the world, there is always time for a slice.

The First Pizzeria

According to William E. Macaulay college historians, the first documented Pizzeria in the globe was established in Port’Alba in the 1800s in Naples, Italy. The Pizzeria was named Antica Pizzeria and it produced the Margherita Pizza in respect to Italy’s Queen Margherita. The first pizzeria in USA was Lombardi’s in New York City. Lombardi’s was a grocery store and it began selling pizza in 1905. Even though many Pizzerias opened in the following years, pizza was not fully embraced till the 1940s. Since then, many Pizzerias have come up, but Pizza Hut is the most popular Pizzeria currently. It was established in 1958 and today, there are 11,139 Pizza Huts in the world.

Most Expensive Pizza

The most expensive pizza in the globe is made by Master Pizza chef Renato Viola. The delicacy is called Louis XIII, at his pizzeria in Italy. The pizza is topped with buffalo Mozzarella, lobster, pink Australian salt, a Mediterranean shrimp, Squilla mantis, and three varieties of caviar; and it goes for $12,000. Ottavia, the largest pizza in the world’s record has a diameter of 8 inches and is 122 feet. It was made by Dovilio Nardi, Matteo Nardi, Matteo Giannotte, and Marco Nardi of NIP food in Rome, in Fiera Roma, Italy. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the pizza was made in 2012, December 13th. The dish was 100 percent gluten-free and it was made to create awareness on eating healthy foods. In Cambodia, there is the happy pizza which is made with marijuana. It is a very popular enchantment in Cambodia but people should snack on it with caution since marijuana is still restricted in Cambodia.

Pizza In Space

Everyone wants to have a slice; even astronauts wish to snack on pizza in space since NASA invested in a 3D printer to make pizza for astronauts. NASA paid an Austin based Technology Company, BeeHex to build a 3D printer to make food including pizza. The 3D printer can make pizza in half the time an average pizza chef takes and includes different sauces and toppings including burrata cheese and vodka sauce.

Pizza Reduces Risks of Cancer

Pizza is blamed for being unhealthy but believe it or not; pizza reduces the risk of cancer. Based on an Italian study published in the Italian Journal of Cancer, eating pizza once in seven days reduces the chances of developing cancer. By eating pizza frequently, the chances of oesophageal cancer are cut by fifty nine percent. The risk of mouth cancer and colon cancer is also reduced by thirty four percent and twenty six percent respectively. This is attributed to the tomato sauce which has a lot of lycopene.