Little Falls Pizza Delivery

What is one comfort food that will never let you down? Pizza!

Pizza is one of the best foods for hanging out with friends, throwing a party, or even just a relaxed dinner at home. Pizza delivery never fails to put a smile on a face and settle the grumbles in a stomach.

There are a wide variety of pizza options to choose from, and sometimes these choices can bring up a fiery debate: Pineapple or pepperoni? Chicago-style or New York pizza? If you are looking for Little Falls pizza delivery, check out Boardwalk Pizza and you don’t have to choose!

Chicago vs. New York

Boardwalk Pizza has Chicago and New York roots! Because of this, you can enjoy whichever style of pizza you prefer at Boardwalk. Whether it is Chicago, New York, Specialty or Square, that you are craving, you can get your favorite here.

Chicago-style pizzas are great! At Boardwalk Pizza, our Chicago-style pizza is made with two and a half pounds of cheese! It is sure to fill you up. Our New York Pizzas come with a variety of different toppings. Whether you want vegetables or meat, Boardwalk Little Falls Pizza has you covered.

Specialty Pizza

Nothing says pizza like having a large variety of options. That is why Boardwalk Pizza has plenty of specialty pizzas to delight the pickiest of taste buds. They have the Boardwalk Slim Pizza, the Margherita Square Pizza, the Grandma Square Pizza, and the Shrimp Scampi Pizza. If these options don’t quite hit the mark, they also have pizzas with pasta, chicken parmesan, and other fun ingredients.

If you love chicken, Boardwalk offers several chicken and pizza options including the Chicken Ranch Pizza and the Boom Boom Pizza. The Chicken Ranch Pizza is a house specialty with mozzarella, pepperoni or bacon, chicken and ranch dressing. The Boom Boom Pizza has chicken, melted mozzarella, celery, red onions, and bacon. Then it is topped with Boom Boom sauce, ranch, and chipotle BBQ sauce. Yum!

Boardwalk Pizza also has Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and cheese pizzas with multiple kinds of cheese!

From traditional to gourmet, Boardwalk Pizza has plenty of pizza options for you.

But It’s Not Just Pizza

What if the family wants pizza, but you just aren’t into it today? Good news! Boardwalk Pizza has plenty of options other than pizza. You can choose from a selection of appetizers, sides, salads, portions of pasta, calzones, burgers, hots & heroes, and desserts. You won’t want to miss the chance to try the famous Nutella Pizza!

At Boardwalk Pizza, we can also pride ourselves on our popular hots and heroes. The hots are hotdogs made from beef sabrett and heroes are sandwiches. If you want a cold sandwich on a hot day, you could try a Traditional Italian Hero or a Turkey BLT Hero. If you want something warm that is not pizza, you could get a Gyro or Eggplant Parmigiana. There are many more choices when it comes to heroes, and we hope you give them a try!

What if I Don’t Want Delivery, but I Want Pizza?

If you want to go out to dinner and also want a fun, comfortable place to eat, you can come to Boardwalk Pizza and enjoy your meal. There is a family friendly game room where you and your family can play. The game room features an air hockey table, driving video games, and a pinball machine! There is plenty of fun for everyone, no matter your age!

Boardwalk Pizza also does catering. If you have a special event such as a birthday party or graduation, you can relax knowing Boardwalk has you covered. They offer pasta, salad, and chicken trays along with a variety of other options. And of course, don’t forget the pizza!

Why Choose Boardwalk Pizza?

Boardwalk Pizza cares about its customers, they take the time to listen to what they are saying. The new Boardwalk Slim pizza was born from a customer’s suggestion that Boardwalk should carry healthier pizza options.

Competition is tough with all of the Italian foods options off the NJ boardwalk, but during its short existence, Boardwalk Pizza has acquired a lot of reviews. They also offer daily specials until 3 pm each day!

Boardwalk pizza is fun and family friendly, no matter how you choose to get it. You can bring the food home with Little Falls pizza delivery, bring the fun-filled attitude to your next event with catering or have a fun night out with your family. From the game room, to the endless dining options to the easy pizza delivery – Boardwalk is “All The Flavors Without The Drive!”