First Time Ordering

Thank you for using our Quick Order, Online Ordering System.

We would like to explain a few details about our system.

  1. your order is sent over the internet.
  2. the internet is not “PERFECT”.
  3. while the ease and convenience of ordering online can make ordering your food a “quick and painless” method, there are problems once in a while.
  4. our system has a “failure rate” so small, it is hard to even place a numerical value on it.

With all of that being said, we want you to be aware that your order can get lost on the internet, or our printer can have a malfunction, not unlike a flat tire on your car. “It Happens”.

If you are ordering for the first time, and you have not received your order in a timely manor, please call us to confirm we received it.

A timely manor is usually 5-7PM , 20-30 minutes on weeknights, 30-45 minutes weekends.

We think you will find the online ordering experience very positive, but if you are ordering for a specific event, or time frame and cannot risk a problem, call in your order, or order online and call us to confirm we received it.

Thank you for your order.


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